About Us

Family Led

Did you know that in September 2018, Search Engine Giant GOOGLE added a FAMILY-LED icon for their Google My Business users ? This was in addition to the ‘WOMEN-LED’ & ‘VETERAN’ led icons.

This is because GOOGLE FIRMLY BELIEVE that being any one of the three above is a BUSINESS ATTRIBUTE & MORE LIKELY TO APPEAL to their users than a Corporate or even medium sized business. To add to this, GOOGLE has also altered its Algorithms in favour of companies who offer users’ something unique rather than just giving weight to established brands.



Our Team

In no particular order:

Alex – Quality Lets Founder. An Ex-Financial Advisor, & Investment Propert Entrepeneur from a Marketing Background. Landlord.

Skills – Investment Sourcing. Renovation & Building Advice. Highly Practical & An Uncanny Knack of Making Things Work.

Elizabeth – Quality Lets Director. Daughter of Quality Lets Founder  Alex and has happily inherited her father’s marketing talents & eye for business.

Skills – Fully Qualified in all aspects of Lettings. Exceptionally brilliant with students & filling HMO’s. Fantastic all-rounder and her five star reviews on Facebook are a credit to her outstanding customer service skills. 

Rachel – Lettings & Investment Consultant. Sales & Academic Background.

Skills: Integral member of the team and can pretty much do anything she turns her hand to. Excels at Business Development and always gets a property let. She is always friendly and is the go to guy for a solution. 

Why not to go corporate…

Corporates & franchises do they really care about you? Too big to care with an average of 400 plus properties on their books, how could they prioritise you. We at Quality Lets are a small Lettings Agents & intend to stay small. Our uniqueness lies in the niche service we provide to our Landlords.

To them you are merely a number whereas to Quality Lets you are not just a number you’re a friend & we will give you 100% from the off.