Tips To Avoid Void Rental Periods


Avoid VOID Periods

Elizabeth from Quality Lets offering tips on how to avoid void periods.

Landlords in Stoke-On-trent & Newcastle Under Lyme, by considering what most makes your property desirable, and highlighting these features when advertising, you could find yourself with an increase in interest!

We’ve put together a few suggestions, to help you get started with a plan to bring in new tenants in 2019:

If you decide to furnish your property, a good-sized fridge-freezer would be appealing, especially to families or those sharing we try to make sure that there is one tray for each tenant sharing. Leather settees are always a winner with tenants, avoid single beds if possible, where we can’t fit a double or medium we normally fit a 3 foot 6” which is just bigger than a single bed. Regards them small box type rooms be creative, use under bed storage options & go to Ikea to see what other storage options are available so that to maximise space.

Spare Bedroom Gym

Consider who you are showing around the property. If it’s a single tenant, looking at a three-bed home, or even a couple, then suggest they turn a spare room into a gym, as an alternative. Once they envisage how the space could be utilised, viewers are more likely to leave with positive thoughts of your property.


Beautifully Simple Garden

Make sure the garden has received the attention it needs, as this can also be used to your advantage! An outside area round the back of the house is the perfect space for activities, such as yoga or meditation. If you have fences or hedges, secluding the property from neighbours, this would definitely appeal to those looking to do workouts in the garden.


Local Cafe

Become familiar with the surrounding area, so that you can point out any key features. Is there a gym nearby? A well-stocked corner shop? Research nearby cafes, and you may get bonus points if you can make a good recommendation for a healthy bite to eat, after the viewing!


Cycle Route

If there are footpaths and cycle paths connecting nearby areas, this is information worth telling prospective tenants. Any tips on how to conveniently commute to city centres for work, as an alternative to driving, are bound to be appreciated. Always worth noting how many minutes it takes to walk to the nearest shops or town. Ie 5 minutes walk to main bus route or 8 minutes walk into town.


White and grey decor

When considering decorating we find white walls go down a storm and make the living space cleaner, bigger & brighter with one feature wall in a nice brick affect paper. Keeping all walls white will alsomean that re-decorating is a lot quicker & cheaper, we opt for a grey carpet and light grey woodwork with grey blinds.

Remember a property that’s beautifully presented will rent a lock quicker than one that’s not, so ask your self a question by skimming on decoration are you actually increasing your void periods? Beautifully presented houses normally rent very quickly. Don’t mug yourself off do it right.

Externally always worth having the windows, frames and fascia’s cleaned, gardens maintained. Question here is, if you were selling your car would you sell it dirty? Same principle spruce it up

Landlords, we hope these tips have inspired you to get more creative, when it comes to showcasing your lets. It’s always beneficial to take into account the requirements of your tenants, and consider exactly who you want living in your property!