Q: When Choosing a Letting Agent what are you looking for ?

One that switches off at 5:30 pm ? Closes Sundays ? Charges tenant fees ? Or maybe you want the VAT levied upon you ? Perhaps you enjoy the prolonged void periods of lost rent ? Do you like being charged & then fobbed off ?

Quality Lets Offering: No Tenant Fees – No Let No Fee – Open 6 Days Till Late – Uk’s No1 Property Database – Client Account – Guaranteed Rent Scheme – Currently No VAT – Below Average Fees. We are the landlords letting agents where quality really does matter.

***A prospective tenant wants to view a property on a Sunday or say 8pm in the evening as these are the only times they can make.*** Landlords we are never to busy to show prospective tenants around, we do viewings in the evenings and at weekends, we realise that times have changed & peoples working hours mean that your agent has to be more versatile than ever. We are always available to landlords, tenants & future tenants via our mobiles, we offer a fantastic unrivalled service.

RELAX Knowing your money Is SAFE!  We are now members of CLIENT MONEY PROTECTION (CMP). This means you have rental protection of up to £100,000. CLIENT MONEY PROTECT will reimburse you your rent unto the value of £100,000 if we misappropriate your money giving you peace of mind. To check if your letting agent is a member with CMP then click the link below. (ALL LETTING AGENTS MUST NOW BE A MEMBER OF A CLIENT MONEY PROTECTION SCHEME BY LAW) and hold professional indemnity cover.



Landlord Ash had 2 empty properties both of which were placed with a well-known local agent.

Property 1 – Then

A beautiful large prestigious house in a much sought after location. Ash’s business commitments now meant he was located in another part of the country so he chose to market the rental with a local agent.

The house was being marketed for £950pcm. It had been empty for 6 months. After it still didn’t rent the agents dropped the price to £850pcm and still no success.  When we took over management of the property we were not surprised that it had not let out at that figure. It was in desperate need of re-decoration & a good external clean. So with the landlord’s permission we instructed decorators and outdoor cleaners & made the house sparkle.

After discussion about the property & the local rental market we advised Ash to convert the house into a HMO as it was unlikely he would ever achieve a regular monthly rental income of £950.00. Also as there was an over-supply of such family lets on the local market, he was unlikely to retain tenants for long and this would again result in long void periods.

After receiving the figures, Ash decided to go ahead as he was assured that he could achieve over the £950.00 Mark & fewer void periods excepting the odd room.

Quality Lets undertook all the furnishing & refurbishments required to make the house HMO compliant.

Property 1 – Now

The house is fully rented out to 3 professional workers, there has only been one brief void period of 1 month for only 1 of the rooms since it converted to a HMO. The landlord is so pleased he had recently asked us to source another property in the locale which he intends to multi-let

Property 2 – Then

Ash also had an apartment which too, was empty. The apartment had always managed to yield around £800pcm and was usually popular with wealthy foreign students,  so he could not understand why he had now such a long void period of 9 months. What his then letting agents failed to tell him is that there had been an enormous surge of corporate apartment complex building around the town aimed at the student market. As such, the competition had driven down the rental value & £800pcm was now unrealistic.

Property 2 – Now

As we had correctly advised him on Property 1, the Landlord decided to go with our suggestion of dropping the rent to £550pcm to secure a quick tenancy with a view to raising it later (after the novelty of the new complexes had worn off)

The apartment was rented out within two weeks. The same tenants have since renewed at a new monthly rate of £675pcm. Not bad for two properties which had stood void for nearly a year combined.

Our Ethos

We work on a policy of honesty & transparency. Quality Lets is operated by Landlords so crucially we understand it from your perspective. The pains at void periods & your irritation at agents not taking enough action is something we have experienced at first hand & is one of the primary reasons we formed Quality Lets.

We are a Lettings Agents run by Landlords for Landlords

Core Values

  1. FREE & HONEST Appraisals Of Your Property
  2. We DON’T CHARGE FEES TO THE TENANT. (We have always firmly believed this to be an obstruction to renting)
  3. Our aim is to be PROACTIVE IN ALL ASPECTS  of the Lettings Process
  4. We DON’T SHY AWAY from the UGLY SIDE of renting (Even if we have to act on your behalf out-of-hours or knock on the door of a non-payer)
  5. We can & will SERVE COMPLIANT EVICTIONS upon your instruction. Unlike High Street Agents, we will not re-direct you to a solicitor until we have exhausted every other avenue.

For the Record:  “We have been in the lettings industry for 16 years now & never once have we had to take a tenant to court – now that’s some statistic   Quality Lets Founder

The Modern Approach

  • We use the LATEST & MOST EFFICIENT DATABASE that syncs with our CLIENT ACCOUNT.


  • Each tenant is given a unique reference number for their rent & our database will automatically tick this off & PAY YOU IN REAL-TIME.
  • Our Software will also process your ACCOUNTS & give you a break down of EXPENDITURE. Meaning less of an Accountancy Bill when it comes to your Annual Return.
  • We will also PAY BILLS ON YOUR BEHALF i.e. Broaband, Gas, Electric, Council Tax etc.
  • We don’t just stop at Admin! We GO THE EXTRA MILE & will source, collect & deliver furniture to the property.
  • Our Tradesmen ARE LOCAL & RELIABLE & have worked alongside us for many years. Our long-standing rapport with them means we are able to offer an excellent turnaround on repairs.
  • Members of PRS – CMP – DPS – RLA

 Low Fees & An Unrivalled Service.



Quality Lets offers only one level of Management & that’s  FULL MANAGEMENT 

Our fees for Full Management Are:



What’s Included ?

Within the FULL MANAGEMENT PACKAGE we take care of the following for our Landlords:

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Tenancy Application

  • Rent Collection

  • Full Referencing Of Tenants Excluding Credit Check

  • Accompanied Viewings

  • Deposit Registration

  • Full Compliance with All Government Legislation

  • Tenant Search (using all Rental Portals & Social Media)

  • Accounting & Projections

  • Instructing Tradesmen

  • Extended Office Hours 6 days a Week 9:00 am till late

  • Tenant Check In

  • End Of Tenancy Check Out

  • Right to Rent Checks

  • Fixed Letting Board

  • Proactive Chasing Of Rent Arrears

  • Out Of Office Hours Call Handling

Quality Lets is the Landlord’s Letting Agent

Other Optional Services

Quality Lets also offers a number of other Value Added Services which our existing Landlords can take advantage of:

  • Inventory £75

  • Floor plans £95

  • Staged photo shoot using props £95

  • Guarantor £25

  • Credit Check £25

  • Gas Certificate – £65.00

  • Electrical Installation Certificate 5 Years – £125.00

  • EPC – Electrical Performance Certificate- £65.00 (on average)

  • 3 in 1 Annual PAT Testing – Smoke Alarm Testing – Legionella Risk Assessment – £145.00

  • House Inspections £35 Each Inspection

  • Section 21 Issue – £95.00

  • Section 8 Issue (2 Months Arrears) – £95.00

  • End Of Tenancy Clean – £185.00

  • Tenant Contract Renewal Fee – £35.00 per Contract

  • Any other works not mentioned above and required will be charged at £25 per hour.

  • HMO Application Fees  £145.00 + Council Fee

  • Landlord withdraws fees 12% of 6 months rent

  • House Renovation Fee – 12% of Total Spend

  • Investment Sourcing – £1,500 upon completion of sale

We may also receive commissions from: Contractors, Insurance companies, Referencing companies, Utility providers and others. These commissions will not be included in the contractor invoice and can be up to 10% (inc VAT) of the total invoice. All prices subject to change after two months’ notice.

At the time of compiling our fees we researched over a dozen letting agents within a five mile radius & we were satisfied that ours were the lowest fees out there & that our list of services was by far the most comprehensive.