Our last 8 sourced property deals all sourced in the last 12 months

Keary St 3 bed sourced at 72K gross rent 13Kpa
Flax St 3 bed sourced for 62K gross rent 11.7Kpa
Keary St 3 bed sourced for 67K gross rent 12.2Kpa
Campbell Rd 4 bed sourced for 85K gross rent 16.6Kpa
Fletcher Rd 4 bed sourced for 72K gross rent 15.3Kpa
Boothen Rd 3 bed sourced for 51K gross family rent 6Kpa
Munro St 4 bed sourced for 92K gross rent 16.3K
XXXX St 4 bed sourced for 80K (my new hotspot area so cant reveal the location) gross rent 16K

Total properties purchased price £581,000 total gross rents are £107,100pa

All the above properties are now valued at £757,000 so not only have i increased the equity by a whopping £175,000 ive also gained an overall yield of 18.2%.

Now you tell me who’s the Daddy?

This is the very reason why investors are asking QLs to source them deals.

We source, we refurb and then we manage, for that all in one package its Quality Lets the No1 letting agents in Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle Under Lyme, the figures speak for themselves. #investor #buytolet #hmo #lettingagency #property #landlord