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You may ask why we are so cheap compared to all the other agents out there ?
Here’s a few reasons:

“As we work from home we save approximately £15,000 a year on rents and bills, we also choose not to sign up for Zoopla and Rightmove saving us approximately around £15,000 a year, these savings we pass on to you and this enables us to sell your home for bargain price of £750.

So you maybe asking how do we get your property on Zoopla, Rightmove and On The Market? We use a third party which we pay £50 per month per property, obviously with this deal we do need to sell your property quickly, so its a deal that suites you and us. Each month we don’t sell your home it costs us an extra £50 no other agent could possibly boast of this as they simply have an annual subscription to Zoopla & Rightmove so no emergency to sell.

Hopefully thats cleared that up, remember houses are not sold in estate agents offices they are now sold via portals like Zoopla & Rightmove, I could simply be sitting on a beach in Florida & still sell your home.”


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